Greets to all readers,

My name is Toni Borovac, born 1977 in Split Croatia. Not to talk too much about myself, but in short, my whole life I was tied to technology, tech culture, art and science and to my great fortune I have been given a chance to patronize you all about the current and incoming tech.

My field of work is primarily tied to virtual reality, VR interface design and 3D graphics in general. Since I was a kid reading books and watching SF movies I knew what I want to do. I fell in love with computers when I was as little as 5 years, and at the time it fascinated me that I can affect the world with them, and since then I have been looking how to improve the systems I use. That is why I decided to create SpaceSys, that now is on hold, but is there. A true Virtual Reality operating system environment, VROSE how I like to call it, a true VR operating environment that breaks physical bounds of one PC, or one operating system.

That interest combination made me create a lot of projects; I was driven with strong desire to create and with my first touch with real 3D made me rethink the system in 3D. I was dreaming SpaceSys. Since then I was looking for my chance, how to start such an impossible feat, from Split Croatia, but we did it, alone, small as we are, actually same as you are, we made it happen.

Now the stars have aligned and a chance appeared to start an initiative for our home town. We are planning to form a business incubator for ideas based on new and emerging tech.

Mr Jure Brekalo, together with his company Terracon offered us help with his network and enormous experience to form a platform, with our united vision, where experts from all fields can approach and use it as a jumping board for their projects.

We are working with a goal to keep the young and educated people at home creating new opportunities for employment using the most advanced technologies of today. Second goal is to create new values for the young, offering them our experience and example, that they can be concurrent with the world. We want to selflessly open our platform with which they can reach out to our partners that desire new technology applications.

The target of this blog is to start a healthy discussion and form a healthy community in which innovation technology and business go hand in hand, with experience that we can offer, walking threaded roads. I hope that you will be interested and help us in creating this oasis of knowledge and technology in Split.

We are all aware that Croatia today is not a land of opportunity, but, allow us to expand your horizons and allow us to prove that you can create at home. If you know how to use current technology and you want to be in the same timeline with the rest of the world, we are willing to share an ecosystem formed on our platform that can employ many different ideas. The ones we are developing now, and the ones you can do, together with us.

It was always entertained by thinking about the future, shaping it in my thoughts with the new possibilities thinking on how I can affect it, with what tools and what way. For me the answer was technology.

We are reaching out to all enthusiasts, like minded and professionals, you are welcome here to grow with us. And all that want to learn a bit more, follow us. That is the first step of joining to our sincere wish to create a better world, for the willing and knowing.

Foto: Pixabay